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Attractions in Smolyan municipality

During the Festival days visitors in the region can add to their experience by visiting also other sites of interest in Smolyan municipality.

Regional History Museum in Smolyan presents the archaeology and the ethnographic traditions of the Central Rhodope Mountains from Antiquity to modern times in its Permanent
exposition. The museum is one of the 100 national tourist sites of Bulgaria. www.museumsmolyan.eu

The Planetarium in Smolyan is the biggest one in the country. Open all the year round, it offers to visitors a variety of multimedia presentations in 7 languages. Keen fans of astronomy may enroll for nightly or daily observations with a preliminary request. The Planetarium is also part of the 100 national tourist sites of Bulgaria.

Picture pascaline 154The village of Shiroka Laka is an architectural reserve and features well preserved Rhodopean style architecture of buildings in the settlement and two emblematic ethnographic events – the Mummers Festival “Pes-ponedelnik” (held every first weekend of March) and the Bagpipe Playing Contest (held the first weekend of August in the nearby village of Gela). Don’t miss the visit to the church “Assumption of the Holy Virgin” and the Ethnographic collection in Zgurovski konak.

The Ethnographic exposition of Smilyan beans and traditional Rhodope slippers at the Cultural Community center in Smilyan village presents two specific for this village traditions:
making of traditional Rhodope slippers and cultivation of this typical for the Upper Arda River Valley species of beans. The Smilyan sort of beans is one of three Bulgarian products, acknowledged by the international movement SlowFood.

Kaleto Passage cave near Koshnitsa village is one of the natural phenomena in the area. It presents a huge rock arch, leading to the top of the hill where the ruins of a fortress
lie. Last archaeological excavations held in 2011 and 2012 found evidence that historically it was the longest inhabited site found so far. In 2013 the ruins of the fortress dated to
Antiquity and Medieval Age periods will be partially restored and conserved, and tourist access to the site – improved.

DSCN4902Uhlovitsa cave is located 20 km to the south of Smolyan. The cave entrance is at an altitude of 1040 m above sea level, and its total length is 460 m, 330 m of it adjusted for tourist
access. Open for visits all the year round from 10 a.m. to 4
p.m. Mondays and Tuesdays are non-visitors

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