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Development of botanical tourism in villages Yagodina, trigrad and Mugla

Ягодинско ждрело, Родопите

The survey covers the territory of Yagodinska-Trigrad tourist location where the relatively small size protected areas are concentrated, storing a number of significant conservation plant and animal species. The report examines mostly rare, threatened, endemic and characteristic plant species of the Rhodope Mountains, as well as their conservation value and attractiveness. An analysis of tourism supply has been made, including the recreation potential, degree of involvement of local people in management and operation of tourist sites and additional services supply and also the existing botanical routes. The role of visitor centers, proposals for new tourist attractions and opportunities for observation of interesting plant species is examined, in order to offer an integrated tourist product. The following are guidelines for the sustainable development of botanical tourism, which contributes to the conservation of natural resources in the tourist area with significant biodiversity.

, AUTHORS: Desislava Alexova, Dessislava Gyurova (2009, НБУ)


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