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Lilium martagon

Lilium mortagon 

This beautiful flower can be seen in Rhodopes. The Bulgarian name is Petrov krast. Interesting fact is that this is favorite food of roe deers.

This is a species of lily. It has a widespread native region extending from eastern France east through northern Asia to Mongolia and Korea(cold Temperatures). Several subspecies have been named. Horticulturally it is in Division IX (true species). It is stem-rooting, growing between 1m and 2m tall. The flower colour is typically a pink-purple, with dark spots, but is quite variable, extending from near white to near black. The flowers are scented. Numerous flowers are borne on each plant, and up to 50 can be found on vigorous plants. The green stems can be flushed with purple or red and the leaves are elliptic to inverse lanceolate, mostly in whorls, up to 16 cm long and often lightly hairy underneath.[1]

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