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Tentative schedule of the Festival 2014


This year the festival will take place 21 – 29 of June, 2014.

June 21st (Saturday)

6th Annual Traditional Rhodope Health Gathering and Celebration of Folk Arts and Crafts (in the village of Mogilitsa)

June 22nd (Sunday)

Photo Course: The Beauty of the Flowers of the Rhodopes – June 21st and 22nd (in the village of Sivino)

Workshop: Bread of the Rhodopes – making pita (a type of round loaf), purlenka (a type of flat bread), and marudnik (a type of pancake/crepe)

June 23rd – June 27th (Monday – Friday)

June 23rd (evening)

Weaving of Enyovden (Midsummer Day) wreaths (in the village of Gorna Arda)

June 24th (5pm):

Enyovden ritual (for women only) – in the village of Gorna Arda


Cooking lesson: The Secrets to Preparing Rhodope Dishes. Cooking with flowers – June 24th – June 26th

Aromatherapy and Herbal Beauty Products. Relaxation and meditation techniques. Herbs for massage. June 23th – June 27th

Art Workshops

 Quilling: using paper to make colorful bouquets (June 23rd and June 29th)

Felting: using wool to make flowers and ornaments (June 24th and June 29th)

Fabric painting: June 25th and June 26th at 4pm. Also offered on June 28th.

Making wall art hangings from plant materials: June 26th at 4pm

Chalk drawing: My Favorite Flower competition – June 27th at 2pm


Traditional methods of making dairy products. There will be samples to taste courtesy of the local dairy, Mlechen Dom (Milk House). (Event will be held at Mlechen Dom dairy in the village of Smilyan).

Milling corn with rashnitsa (traditional Bulgarian stone grinder) and preparing traditional meals with corn flour. Includes sampling.

Botanical and Adventure Tours

Adventure tour of the GargaDereCanyon. Viewing of the vertical gardens and the Balkan endemic flower, the Flower of Orpheus (Haberlea rhodopensis)

Hiking MountKom (start in the village of Arda – Mt.Kom – finish in the village of Sivino)

June 28th (Saturday)

Folk singing competition, Izvoren Glas (the Voice of a natural spring), featuring local folk groups. Folk dancing competition between dance troupes from the entire country.

Bike tour: The Natural Springs of the ArdaRiver

June 29th (Sunday)

Bike tour: The Natural Springs of the ArdaRiver

Eco-trail Kurdzhali Rock (in the village of Momchilovtsi)

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