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About the project

The project aims to contribute to the conservation of protected areas and species near Smolyan, through the application of specific conservation measures, development of different forms and degrees of difficulty botanical trails, empowering local people for sustainable use of plant resources in crafts and art. Focus efforts to promote nature conservation and these resources will be organizing a festival of wild flowers in Smolyan, as part of a European chain of such festivals under the auspices of PlantLife International. A good example in this respect is similar Bohiny Festival, Slovenia, held for 5 years (http://www.bohinj.si/alpskocvetje/). Also will be held nationwide campaign “Flower Carpet” (“Patchwork meadow”). Children with artistic talent from around the country will draw on canvas the beautiful flowers on their area of living. Pictures will be stitched in a large “carpet”, which will be exhibited during the festival of wild flowers, and then will participate in the formation of trade fair, which will further contribute to promoting the region as an area rich in floral diversity and sustainable tourism. As one of the main product in the all project activity than advertising in the country and abroad will be the development and promotion of unique specialized book “Where to watch plants in Bulgaria” – the model of popular series “Where to watch birds in …”. The book is a series of articles on different sites in Bulgaria, a popular presentation of their floristic richness and opportunities for tourism. This project builds on the experience of the EC in the Rhodope region, and in special performances during the period 2005 – 2006 the project “Garden of Orpheus, – Preservation of the flora of the Rhodopes through development of eco-tourism ” near Solishta village, funded by DEFRA – UK.

The project is financially supported by the GEF Small Grants Programme and co-funded Municipality of Smolyan and  programme Culture 2007-2013 of the European Commission via the Wildflower Europe project.

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